Loggers chop down ’Cats in final game

Senior Brynna Fuller passes the ball to freshman Alex Owen during the third quarter against the University of Puget Sound on Feb. 18 at home. Kaylyn Peterson/ Sports editor

As the season comes to a close, seniors Gretchen Owens and Brynna Fuller finished strong with Owens scoring 22 points and Fuller making all six of her free throw shots during the game against the University of Puget Sound on Feb. 18.

During the first half of the game, the lead went back and forth between both teams.

By intermission, the Loggers had a four-point lead with the score at 37-33.

During the second half, the game changed as many more shots were missed, which allowed the Loggers to maintain their lead throughout the rest of the game.

Players fought to try to catch up with the closest being at 11:22, then Owens made a shot and only gave the Loggers a three-point lead.

Freshman Katelyn Henson scored 12 points and had six rebounds.

With the statistics of this season, Henson should have a strong season next year.

Sophomore Kaely Maltman also spotlighted during the game with 12 points and three rebounds.

Freshman Tyra Barawis was out with a broken foot
for most of the season and plans on coming back strong next year.

Throughout the game, there were many shots taken but few were actually made.

Missed shots allowed the Loggers to gain a lead over the Wildcats.

The game ended with a win for the Loggers.

The Wildcats played the George Fox Bruins on Feb. 17, who just gained their fifth conference title.

With the Bruins having an undefeated season, the Wildcats had their work cut out for them.

Owens scored 20 points with Henson following behind with 12 points.

Within the first few minutes, it seemed that the Wildcats were starting off strong, fighting to end the Bruin’s undefeated season.

The Wildcats lost steam after tying the game at 9:16 with a score of 18-18.

The game changed as the Bruin’s took charge of the court and made a great lead for the team.

The first half ended with the Bruins leading 43-27.

The Bruins kept their lead throughout the second half and kept their streak with their win of 66-52.

Henson had three blocks and five rebounds.

Junior Nicole Barton helped with her two blocks made in the first half of the game.

The team plans on hosting optional practices so that players can still keep improving and those who were injured have the chance to practice with the team again.

Next season’s team will have to recover from losing its leading scorer who averaged 19 points per game.

Ivanna Tucker/
Features editor
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