Dinner at Dillin is improving

One of the first things I couldn’t help but notice upon returning for Spring Semester was the bread table at dinner in Dillin Hall. It was especially conspicuous the first night, being set up on a large table in the middle of the buffet area.

Although it has since moved to the corner between the soup and the vegetarian station, and in doing so radically altered the formation of food lines, it is still a widely popular feature on the dinner menu.

I, for one, appreciate the option of having a slice of bread with my dinner. Besides being someone who genuinely likes bread, there are some nights when all I really want is a big hunk of bread with butter and maybe some soup to dip it in.

There are sometimes rolls, too, which are easier to balance on the side of a plate or slip into a pocket for later. When you’re short of time around lunch and pinched for money when it comes to grocery shopping, it’s nice to have a leftover bread roll that you can grab and eat on your way to class.

I know that I’m not alone in my appreciation of the bread buffet.  The line for bread is always substantial, and sometimes it is so long that it’s easier just to bypass the bread altogether and wait for the crowd to clear.

The quality of the bread seems consistently good too, no matter how much we may complain about the quality of Dillin’s food in general.

I have, however, also heard complaints about the way the bread buffet works. It is nearly impossible to cut yourself a slice of bread without putting a hand on the loaf to hold it steady, and some people are not comfortable with eating bread that has been touched by so many people.

The other complaint that I hear is that the butter runs out quickly. Very nearly everyone who gets bread at dinner spreads it with butter. Not that I can blame them—it is good.

The other new feature that people have been talking about is the new salad area. Besides the regular salad bar, you can now have salads created for you. I haven’t tried these yet, being the kind of person who likes a plain lettuce-and-carrot salad without dressing or anything, but I have friends who just love it.

Despite the continuing campus jokes about the quality of the food at Dillin, the bread buffet and the new salads both indicate that Dillin is making attempts to meet our demands.  I appreciate that Dillin Hall is listening to the opinions of the students, and from the chat I hear during dinner, so are many others.  You never know how much better the quality of our food can get.  Maybe we’ll come back next fall to find even better dinner options.


Sharon Gollery

Culture editor


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