Toy piano band mixes odd sounds

Quirky electronic artist Twink, The Toy Piano Band released its newest album “Itsy Bits & Bubbles” on Dec. 1. This album is unlike anything you may have ever heard and is certainly worth a listen for those with an open mind.

Twink is Mike Langlie’s sixth album of eclectic mash-ups. All the songs that he creates are an instrumental partnership of toy instruments, old school video game tones, various electrical creations and whatever else he can get to produce an abnormal sound.

“Twink” was born from a trip that Langlie made to a thrift store where he came across a toy piano. Since then he has had a fascination with the nontraditional boundaries of musical opportunity.

I’m sure many of us can think back to our childhood and captivating moments of jamming with our toy instruments. Langlie never let this go. The whimsical tracks that he has created are a collaboration of our youth.

The incredibly unique experience that each track provides will have you listening to music in a way you have never expected.  Something about the off-kilter flow takes your mind to places beyond the extraordinary.

One moment you may feel like you’re walking down a carnival midway and the next you’re lost in the circuits of Pac Man or Space Invaders.

Selecting a track is like choosing from an abundance of mysterious flavors in an ice cream parlor. Each one is unusual in a distinct way. However, they all provide an unworldly experience.

Turn up any of the songs and you will touch unknown corners of your senses’ surroundings. “Peppermint Bee” will take you back to your Super Mario Brother days, while you climb through billows of cotton candy and paisley with “Jellybean Tree.”

Maybe it’s Dubstep for children. However you may classify this album, it will unanimously be agreed that it is bizarre.

Langlie’s work has been used by MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. The concept is so obscure and every note so unusual that it is worth taking the time to investigate.

Put on your headphones and drift to a paranormal world of harmonious cacophony.

Tune into KSLC 90.3 FM to check out Twink’s “Itsy Bits & Bubbles.” You can also listen online at or stream the station on iTunes.

Brinn Hovde/
KSLC music director
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