Students try to stamp out cigarettes

On Nov. 17, Linfield was smoked out. Every year, on the third Thursday of November, the American Cancer Society sponsors The Great American SmokeOut, which encourages smokers to quit or make plans to end their addictions.

The national event reached Linfield as students from the Peer Health: Wellness class and the Prevention and Control of Diseases class collaborated to provide information and activities to campus.

In Dillin Hall, students hosted an information table where they offered quit kits, brochures, stickers and more.

They also chalked different areas on campus to provide a clear demonstration of Linfield’s current rule to keep smoking 30 feet away from buildings.

Christina Maul, health promotion & student wellness coordinator, said that this movement was important to show to students because there can never be too much information given on tobacco’s dangers.

“Even though we may feel that we know a lot about tobacco’s effects and we’ve seen a decline of tobacco use among students and employees over the last five years, it is still important to provide accurate information about health risks and resources for quitting tobacco use,” Maul said.

The Great American SmokeOut came at an interesting time on campus, with discussion of a Tobacco Free Campus Initiative being implemented. One of the handouts offered at the event table in Dillin summarized Linfield’s statistics about tobacco use, which has been a recent topic of debate.

Maul said she feels it’s important to share this information with students to be progressive and healthy as a community.

“There is a trend among colleges and universities across the nation to move toward being tobacco and smoke free campus to allow all students, employees and visitors a healthy environment for living and learning,” she said.

For more information on tobacco use at Linfield or for help quitting, visit the Health Promotion and Student Wellness Center in Memorial 101, which is open for students with questions of any kind.

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