Shop locally this holiday season

Crowds of people rushed to stores on Thanksgiving night, standing in lines for hours, waiting for stores to open up on Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Stores such as Macy’s, Target and Best Buy opened up their doors as early as midnight for eager customers hungry for deals on clothes, electronics and appliances. In some stores, check-out lines wrapped all the way around the store.

With the country still in a recession, many holiday shoppers are looking for the best deals possible on gifts for family members and friends on their shopping list.

In the process of this extreme holiday shopping, many people become unnecessarily aggressive, pushing and hurting people, all because there is an item on sale. There have even been Black Friday shoppers who have been trampled to death by other shoppers.

The holiday season is supposed to be the season of giving, not the season of selfishness. Is hurting someone really worth that big, flat-screen TV?

“People were crazy. They were like vultures,” freshman Alexis Heredia said.

While it is true that you may need to be more aggressive while shopping during the holidays, make a conscious effort to not be unnecessarily rude to other holiday shoppers. Try not to push people out of your way, and definitely don’t walk on top of someone just to get an item on your Christmas list. If everyone treats each other with respect, we can all have a more enjoyable holiday shopping experience.

Freshman Megan Goudie had a more pleasant Black Friday experience.

“People were assertive, but not pushy,” she said.

People don’t need to be rude in order to shop.

Big corporations are attracting herds of holiday shoppers by advertising sales to people around the country. But what happens to the smaller, local businesses struggling to survive this holiday season?

When shopping for presents this year, consider visiting local businesses before visiting big chain stores.

By supporting local businesses for presents this year, you are investing in your community rather than just giving your money away to big corporations.

Local business owners are just trying to provide for their families, so why not help them buy presents for their children?

Also, consider donating food or toys to charity. Everyone deserves to have a decent holiday meal and every child deserves a toy on their holiday list. Keep the holiday spirit alive for everyone.

By treating other shoppers with respect and sharing the wealth, everyone wins this holiday season.

-The Review Editorial Board

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