Improv Club keeps crowd in stitches

Junior Daphne Dossett, senior Amanda Wolf and freshman Whitney Weber adlib during the Linfield Improv Club’s performance Dec. 2 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. Joel Ray/Photo editor

Linfield’s Improv Club put on an enthusiastic performance that kept the crowd laughing the entire night. Each member of the group brought their own comical personality quirks to the stage Dec. 2.

From turning a classic movie like “Titanic” into adlibbed jokes to an 11-second version of “Jack and the Beanstalk,” the comedians showcased their talent.

“I loved that no matter what was said or done, they just went with it. It didn’t matter if someone said something completely out of the ordinary or did something ridiculous, they just made it work,” freshman Laura Lichti said. “I thought that was not only really professional on their part, but also really funny.”

Audience members provided the group with ridiculous scenarios, lines, places, ideas and people to add a wide variety of talent and quick-thinking to the routine.

The audience seemed to enjoy the group’s last and second-to-last performances above all the rest.

For the second-to-last performance, the group had to act out “Jack and the Beanstalk” in seven minutes. When they were done, they had a member sit out and cut the time in half. The group continued this until there was one performer left trying to act it out in 11 seconds.

For the last performance, group members had the audience write whatever came to mind on slips of paper and the performers had to adlib the lines into their act, making sentences like, “I don’t have crabs, I have full blown lobsters,” and “Can I touch your oh dang girl?” a part of any conversation they were having at the time.

Another performance the crowd seemed to enjoy was one with two members having a conversation in a grocery store checkout line. One was the store clerk and the other was the customer. Whenever a selected audience member rang a bell, the performer that was talking had to change what they were saying to something completely different. Their scene quickly took a turn to sexual innuendos and ridiculous accusations from buying condoms.

“The scene with the bell was definitely my favorite. Each time the bell rang they got funnier and the conversation just got even more awkward as it progressed,” freshman Caitlynn Fahlgren said.

“They were absolutely hysterical and all so enthusiastic,” freshman Zooey Glassman said.

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