Students sample Korean food

DJK Korean BBQ provided a wide array of food during the Taste of Korea event in Beaverton on Nov. 9. Photo courtesy of Meghan O’Rourke

A plethora of meat, vegetables and tofu ready to be grilled sat in the middle of the customers’ table.

DJK Korean BBQ, located in Beaverton, Ore., was the destination for a group of Linfield students hungry for Korean food.

On Nov. 9, The Linfield Activities Board (LAB) organized “The Taste of Korea,” taking a small group of students off-campus for dinner at DJK Korean BBQ.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event,” freshman Sandra Tran said. “It was a fantastic meal.”

The students were taken to their reserved table, on which there was already a wide array of appetizers, including broccoli and fishcakes, with several dipping sauces.

The walls of the restaurant were painted oriental-style, depicting people living the ancient, traditional Korean lifestyle.

Even the dishes reflected Eastern culture, with Asian characters printed on the plates and cups.

The menu included various meats and tofu.

The meat was uncooked, allowing the customers to prepare the food themselves over a grill constructed into the center of the table.

“I thought the beef was delicious,” sophomore Alex Lazar said.

Besides the meat and vegetables, each student was given a rice bowl, tea cup and soup bowl. Pots of green tea were placed on both sides of the table, as was a pot of vegetable and tofu soup.

There was an array of food to choose from, for a wide variety of taste buds.

The food came in a steady stream. Once the waiter or waitress saw that food was running low, they quickly replaced whatever was needed.

“My favorite food would have to be samgyusal, which is Korean pork belly meat and the kimchi jjigae, which is a kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) stew,” Tran said. Students left the restaurant with full stomachs.

The entire experience cost four dollars per student.

“I would most definitely go on another “Taste of” event in the future,” Tran said.

Senior Nicole Szanto, the cultural off-campus events chair, organized the event, and DJK Korean BBQ is only one of many restaurants to which LAB has taken students.

“Taste of” events showcase different cultures, treating students to a different type of food every time.

Past events this year have included “Taste of Portland” and “Taste of Lebanon.”

Students can sign up for“Taste of” events in the Campus Information Center (CIC) inside of the Riley Center. The price for these events is usually around $4-5, which includes the meal and transportation.

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