Remakes devalue classic movies

There are multiple movies made in history that  have been claimed as classics.

Some movies made in the ‘80s are deemed as the classics that live on for generations.

According to, the definition of classic is “of the first or highest quality, class or rank: a classic piece of work.”

However, the movies that we claim to be “classics” in the movie industry are constantly being remade.

If a classic is known to be of highest quality, then why are there remakes of them? Movies such as “Fame,” “Footloose,” “King Kong” and “3:10 to Yuma” were remade for the new generation.

To understand and grasp the true meaning why these movies are classics, one should just watch the original version, but if the movie industry keeps remaking them then they will lose their value.

Every year, more and more movies are discussed about being redone.

How can you “redo” a classic? It’s not just the story that makes it this way. It is the cast, crew and everything that happened in the movie during that time period.

Each time a movie is redone, it just makes the other movie less valuable or sends the audience the message that the original is probably as bad as the remake.

For instance, “King Kong” was originally made in 1933, then in 1976 and made again in 2005. This movie was deemed a classic then because of the special effects used.

However, remaking it twice is a bit too much. After the original was redone, there were also sequels to it.

“King Kong” is just one of the examples of what the movie industry has done to a classic in order to make some money.

Now there is discussion of remaking movies such as “Gremlins” and “Dirty Dancing.” It seems that the movie industry is just using these remakes in order to gain revenue in an easier way rather than coming up brand new movie ideas.

There are script writers waiting for companies to pick up their scripts but they probably do not really care what the scripts are about.

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