Portland band gives enthusiastic Cat Cab

Guitarist Marlin Gonda performs during Pocketknife’s Cat Cab on Nov. 10 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. Melanie Timmins/Senior photographer

Audience members danced and cheered enthusiastically as Portland, Ore., pop band Pocketknife made its college debut at the Pro Cat Cab on Nov. 10.

Pocketknife is signed by a Portland indie label SoHiTek and consists of four members: drummer Karen D’Apice, keyboardist Jessica Boudreaux, vocalist David Chase and guitarist Marlin Gonda.

The band began with Chase and Gonda playing with two other members they knew from school. Their drummer left the band and moved, and he was replaced with D’Apice. Shortly after, their keyboardist quit and was replaced by Boudreaux.

“I’m pretty sure I only got the keyboard spot because I look a lot like their old keyboardist. But at least I’m good at what I do, right?,” Boudreaux said.

The band was well-received by students.

“They were great,” freshman Peggy Barrett said. “Their sound was really unique, but also sounded like pop should sound. I loved it. It made me want to get up and dance around and be happy.”

Pocketknife’s excitement and enthusiasm showed in its performance. Each member was genuinely happy to be there, loving what they were doing.

They danced around with the beat of their music. Pocketknife has a happy, pop beat in each of its songs, making it hard not to dance along to it.

“They reminded me of a mixture of Death Cab for Cutie, Brand New and Owl City. Their music just made me want to dance around. It was so upbeat and enthusiastic. It just made me happy,” freshman Linnea Caso said.

Between all the dancing and joy in the room, Pocketknife’s performance was a good time for everyone present.

“Linfield was awesome, especially for our first college show,” D’Apice said. “Everyone was so nice and they all danced for us. A couple people even hung out for a while after the show to talk. This was definitely a good show.”

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