News Brief

Linfield College was recognized with 130 media stories and citations in October, according to a press release sent from Nadene LeCheminant, the director of Media Relations.

Some of the top featured stories appeared in The Washington Post, Planet Science, e! Science, ScienceBlog, the University of Cambridge Science Portal, OPB’s Think Out Loud program, The Oregonian, The Statesman Journal, The News-Register, The Bend-Bulletin, The MedfordMail Tribune, the Polk County Itemizer-Observer, KGW television, MSNBC, The Iowa City Press Citizen and The Lund Report.

OPB’s Think Out Loud featured Daniel Pollack-Pelzner, assistant professor of English, who discussed the controversial, new movie about Shakespeare.

The Oregonian and Lund Report showcased Margaret Ngai, class of ’12, who was elected as vice president of the National Student Nurses Association. There are 56,000 members in the association.

The News-Register featured the dedication of TJ Day Hall, including an interview with TJ Day, class of ’71.

~ Jessica Prokop/Editor-in-chief


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