New Age group plays psychedelic tunes

"This World is on Fire" album cover

Atlanta-based rock group, Elevado, brings a blend of ’70s and ’80s melodies to the alternative stage with a retro-futuristic approach that proves to be enticing for listeners of multiple genres.

Psychedelic guitar riffs and original rhythms give the group solid weapons for its arsenal to pursue higher levels of the music industry.

Elevado’s album, “This World is on Fire,” provides a great sample of the group’s upbeat, eclectic tunes.

Comprised of Cain Wong, Don Dudenhoeffer, Justin Hughes, Justin Sias and Ripley Torres, Elevado looks to mix live electronics with alternative music and produce unique music.

The track “Song of a Purple Man” opens with the daring guitar riffs that make this group something special.

The vocals and overall rhythm certainly strikes a chord with its post-punk classifications and reminds the listener of another retro-like band, The Killers.

The title-track crosses between early Police and some of the United Kingdom’s early ’80s anarchist bands and gives Elevado strong footing in the alternative world of music.

“Indigo Torch Serenade” proves to be the psychedelic love song on the album.

A smooth electronic beat in the background leads the way for a sensual guitar riff that gives the track the intimate feel that makes it a highlight of the album.

The lyrics show dark declarations of love in a cool way: “She’s my valentine, love cannibal, and I’ll kill anyone who tries to take her away…”

It sounds like something from the diary of a mad man, but it is a big part of what makes the group so unique and interesting to listen to.

The song “Our Turn Came Tonight” is a great representation of the ominous style the band pursues.

The track is marked by sharp, stinging guitar riffs set against a danceable, pounding rhythm one would find in a New York City underground venue.

With a sound similar to that of Depeche Mode, the track serves as something you can both dance to as well as jam to while in the library.

Elevado could be described as New-Wave, Electronica, Post-modern, as well as many other genres, but the best thing about this group is that it has the ability to appeal to those who listen to all types of genres.

Its upbeat rhythms make anyone want to put on the dancing shoes, and its superb musical talents call for musicians to strive to learn their stuff.

Look for Elevado on the KSLC airwaves; it is definitely worth a listen.

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