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The Linfield Activities Board (LAB) is working to keep students thoroughly entertained this year by planning many events for students, such as comedians, movies, off-campus events and Pro Cat Cabs.

“I think LAB has been constantly improving,” said Nicole Bond, vice president of programming for LAB. “We have a great staff this year, and we have been working hard to bring the student body a diverse array of fun events.”

All of LAB’s off-campus event sign-ups have been full this year, which is a sign of LAB’s success in providing students with fun off-campus events for only a few dollars.

“The LAB events are seeing a greater diversity of attendees,” said Nic Miles, ASLC club director.

With events such as Portland Fashion Week, the “Taste of..” series and hikes, there are a variety of fun events for all types of students.

On-campus events have also been successful. LAB has hosted some well-received comedians and provided recently released movies, such as Transformers 3, for students to watch.

This year’s Cat Cabs have hosted various musicians for different students’ tastes in music.

“All of the Cat Cab performers this year have been very talented and entertaining, and they have been from all different genres,” Bond said.

With LAB doing such a great job at providing a wide array of events, students should be sure to take advantage of what LAB has to offer.

“LAB has a budget of $150,000 this year, which comes from the student body fees we all pay each semester,” Bond said.

By not attending any LAB sponsored events, one is essentially wasting his or her own money. If an event sounds interesting, there is no harm in checking it out. Plus, off-campus events can provide an escape from the Linfield bubble for those who don’t have cars.

From Nov. 3 to Nov. 6, LAB was at the National Association for Campus Activities West Regional Conference. While there, it viewed various musicians, comedians and other performers, working with boards from other schools in the area to hire acts for the upcoming semester.

“We are always open to suggestions from students for bands we should bring, or any other event or activity,” Bond said.

LAB is working hard to bring us entertainment that we will all enjoy. We can all try to attend an event from time to time to support LAB, if nothing else. A musician or comedian who you are unfamiliar with may become your new favorite.

If there haven’t been any appealing events for some students, they should make suggestions to LAB about what events or performances would be fun to attend. LAB appreciates feedback from the students, because the students are LAB’s audience.

-The Review Editorial Board


The Review Editorial Board

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