Indie rock band melds heartbreak, love, folk rock

Warsaw, a Seattle-based indie rock band, combines the sounds of heartbreak love songs with folk rock roots to provide a soothing combination of a unique alternative band.

Warsaw is a five piece pop-folk group mostly known throughout the Northwest, but it has played and traveled all across the United States.

The five-man band contains Scott Schrock Jr. on the bass and symphonics, Kris Orlowski on the guitar and main vocals; Aaron O’Neil playing the percussion; Torry Anderson on the keys, glock, vocals and melodica; and Mark Isakson on the guitar, banjo, pedal and lap steel.

These unique instruments are mixed to form wild emotions that can be felt through their indie-folk sounds.

The album name and the title track, “Warsaw,” is a heartwarming love song describing being stuck and tied to a person in time.

The symphonics and percussion flow together in the track “Warsaw,” as the vocals provide the story overlapping these soothing sounds.

Lead singer Kris Orlowski has been inspired by many famous artists, such as Mumford & Sons, and similarities can be found in his music and lyrics.

He also recognizes influential artists and bands, such as Jason Mraz, Coldplay and Bon Iver.

The song “Way You Are,” brings a more indie-rock sound, which is different from every other song.

This song is a perfect transition on the EP and one of their most famous tracks so far.

Kris Orlowski has been called a “troubadour by definition” from the Seattle music blog “Sound on the Sound.”

His tracks have a charisma of their own, which is why he is becoming increasingly popular.

Warsaw was released on Nov. 22, and has been on many artists’ radars ever since then.

KSLC hopes to see tour dates soon for the Northwest region.

The album Warsaw is a perfect example of how indie-pop music can provide love lyrics while telling a story through acoustic and unique sounds.

To hear more songs and to check out Kris Orlowski on Warsaw, go to KSLC and listen.

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