Cat Cab artist shows versatility in music

Jared Mahone presents his audience with an array of talents, styles, genres and original songs during the Pro Cat Cab on Nov. 3 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. Photos by Viktor Zhu/Staff photographer

Musician Jared Mahone is a grab bag of music—soul music, rap, beat-box, Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas and Disney.

On Nov. 3, the Ohio native returned to Linfield and showcased his multi-faceted musical talent to Linfield students.

The musician began singing a slow song with his guitar, followed by a song with beat-box. Meanwhile, the size of the audience doubled to a few dozen.

When asked how many of them had seen the last show, about a quarter of them raised their hands.

Throughout the night, Mahone kept interacting with his audience. He jokingly asked them not to get up and dance or to bob their heads. Instead, he told the audience to nod  to themselves, to him or to their neighbors. The crowd was amused by his demonstration of these “proper responses.”

Before continuing, Mahone revealed the secret of his richly layered music—sound panel.

He explained that his music is rhythmic and needs the layers. Thus, when his band members are absent, he will record part of his music when playing a song and keep replaying it throughout that song to make up for the missing parts.

He then invited the audience to help add to the texture by snapping along.

After that, he talked about his inspirations. He once wrote a song inspired by a girl with whom he has gone from dating to breakup to reunion within a week in a summer camp.

The musician also said he was raised with soul and hip hop music, which inevitably became a big influence in his music.

However, inspirations also included theme songs of TV or radio programs and Disney songs.

“The common factor is me,” Mahone said.

Then before anyone expected it, he performed an a cappella version of one of his childhood favorites—“Part of Your World.”

After the Disney song, he started beat-boxing and sang remixes of pop songs. Meanwhile, he controlled his imaginary DJ panel and gave different effects.

Following the performance, Mahone said that of all his artistic inspiration, there was one who influenced him the most. He then revealed the answer with Michael Jackson’s “Do You Remember.”

Mahone, who has been challenging himself to write a song a week, finished the show with his latest songs. The songs drew inspirations from daily life and people around him.

These songs include “He Doesn’t Get It,” a song about lopsided relationships, and “From: Joe To: Betsy,” a touching song about his late grandmother from his grandfather’s perspective.

Although the audience was not passionate during the show, they generally enjoyed and appreciated Mahone’s performance.

Sophomore Francesca Walpole said that he was versatile.

In return, Mahone was satisfied with the audience response.

“They were chilled and enjoyed the way they wanted to enjoy,” he said, explaining that the night was more of a song writing discussion and showcase of new songs.

Having been working as an independent artist for six years, he said he enjoyed what he did and was not interested in chasing after a deal from record companies who could restrict his creativity.

“I am an independent musician from the mid-west who loves music,” he said.

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