Win Win vs. Everything Must Go

It’s another edition of Watch This, Not That. I’ll compare “Win Win” and “Everything Must Go.”

Usually when I do Watch This, Not That, I’ll compare movies that have something in common, like actor, genre or new release. This week, I decided to review two new indie films.

Indies aren’t usually overly exciting, but movie fans of character relationships and drama tend to enjoy these films more than others.

“Win Win” stars Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan (Holly from The Office). It’s the story of Mike (Giamatti) and his struggles to keep his law firm open, while still coaching the high school wrestling team and supporting his family.

Things take a turn for the better when the grandson of one of his clients shows up. Mike decides to take him in and allows him to wrestle on his team.

It turns out that the kid is an amazing wrestler and, in the end, helps bring out the best in Mike.

I wasn’t sure what to expect here, but I was pretty happy with “Win Win.” I thought Giamatti did a great job and the story was strong.

“Everything Must Go” stars Will Ferrell and Rebecca Hall.

It’s the story of Nick (Ferrell) and an unfortunate turn of events. On the same day that he’s fired from his long-time job, his wife changes the locks and puts all of Nick’s belongings out on the front lawn.

Nick hires a kid to help him set up a yard sale in exchange for minimum wage and teaching the kid how to play baseball.

Nick has a strong drinking problem and must overcome that and several other personality defects to move on.

I liked Rebecca Hall in “The Town” and was excited to see her in this.

I also like that Ferrell can still have a serious role in a movie.

Overall, I was really excited to see “Everything Must Go” and was slightly let down.

“Win Win” was a solid movie from start to finish, and it kept me interested throughout.

“Everything Must Go” has an interesting story and had a few laughs with it as well.

At the end of the day, I would recommend that you watch “Win Win” (8.0/10) and not “Everything Must Go” (7.4/10).
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