Volleyball team struggles against Willamette Bearcats

Freshman Leimomi Hookano spikes the ball against Willamette on Oct. 12 at home. Victor Zhu/Staff photographer

The Linfield Wildcats went up against Willamette University on Oct. 12 and Puget Sound University on Oct. 15, working hard but losing both matches in the end. Linfield dropped to 8-11 overall and 3-7 in the conference.

During the match against the Bearcats on Oct. 12 the Wildcats started strong with an early four points but the other team caught up quickly, evening the score with 10 points. Willamette secured the win with a score of 25-21. During the second set, the Bearcats held steady as the Wildcats struggled to get ahead. The Wildcats made many advances but it was not enough to keep Willamette from taking the game 25-22. The third set began with a strong start for the Wildcats as they racked up points. The Bearcats, however, caught up again. The two teams rallied back and forth until the Bearcats surged ahead, taking the game 25-21 and winning the match in three sets.

Leading the way for the Wildcats, freshman Kailana Ritte-Camara with 11 kills and nine digs, senior Samantha Lau with 26 digs and freshman setter Audrey Frazier with 24 assists and seven digs.

In the first set in the match against Puget Sound, the Wildcats were sure to pull out a victory. The Wildcats were three points away from the opposing team with a good chance of taking the first set when a few errors gave the win to the Loggers 25-19.

The second set started with an early lead for the Loggers, but the Wildcats tied the match at 10 and again at 24. Again, two errors allowed Puget Sound a win with a score of 26-24. The third game was a strong start for the Wildcats, surging ahead by four points, and then again with eight. Puget Sound closed the gap, but then began misfiring, giving Linfield a 25-14 victory. In the final set, the Loggers piled up their kills and digs. The Wildcats couldn’t keep up with the sudden momentum and the score shot up to 23-12 in the Loggers’ favor. Linfield was unable to regain its composure and Puget Sound took the game with a score of 25-13, winning the match in four sets.

Senior Tara Hill and freshman Leimomi Hookano each contributed with six kills. Lau had 30 digs, a match-high, with an ace and a kill. Freshman
Mahina Galletes had 25 assists and 13 digs. Ritte-Camara had nine kills and 13 digs, and sophomore Kelsey Ludin had 10 kills and two aces.

The Wildcats continue to fight their way through the Northwest Conference as they head to Washington to play Whitworth University on Oct. 21 in Spokane, Wash., and Whitman
College on Oct. 22 in Walla Walla, Wash.

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