Students: Don’t walk home alone

With the recent assaults on Linfield students, walking around at night has become a huge safety concern.

How is College Public Safety dealing with this growing problem?

Many students could use a ride home at night, but they might be afraid to call CPS for a ride. However, students shouldn’t be nervous about doing this.

“The safety of Linfield students is our first priority, so yes, students can call for courtesy rides 24/7 within our campus boundaries even if they are intoxicated,” said Robert Cepeda,  chief of CPS.

This is an important service for students to use if they are stuck in a situation—sober or intoxicated—where they need a ride home.

While it is great that CPS is willing to give students rides home, what do the students who are off-campus and need a ride home do?

“CPS’s courtesy ride boundaries are Booth Bend Road and 99W, S.E. Baker and S.E. Cowls Street, and S.E. Davis and College Avenue,” Cepeda said. “However, if the officer discerns that driving a short distance past the boundaries can be facilitated without compromising the safety of the campus, they have the discretion to do so.”

Students walking home who are off campus are the ones who need rides home the most. The Associated Students of Linfield College (ASLC) has a great solution to this problem.

Instead of students calling a friend (who may or may not be home) or CPS, ASLC wants to form an affordable taxi service available to Linfield students off-campus around the McMinnville area.

This gives Linfield students a reliable way to get home safely. Students wouldn’t have to walk home alone with the possibility of being assaulted, and CPS wouldn’t have to meet students somewhere to pick them up.

In the meantime, what should Linfield students and administrators do to ensure the safety of students walking home at night?

CPS should pick up students off-campus as long as they are in or near the  designated boundaries. The safety of students is CPS’ responsibility, so it should be willing to pick up students who are stranded without any other safe way home.

The recent assaults of Linfield students should also serve as a reminder to not walk home alone at night. The best thing for students to do is to have a friend to walk home with at the end of the night, as rides home can often be unreliable.

If one gets separated from his or her friend, try to figure out where he or she is before leaving. It is important for friends to look out for each other.

A taxi system would be nice for Linfield students to have available to them, but for now, students have to deal with what they have. Have a friend to walk home with at the end of the night or call CPS for a ride home.

-The Review Editorial Board


The Review Editorial Board

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