Stay classy, not trashy, for Halloween

Pumpkins, witches and tons of candy—it’s that time of year again. Halloween is just a few weeks away, and there are constant reminders everywhere you walk. The little children running around stores squealing with delight, runs to the pumpkin patch with friends, and of course, this time of year always brings about a demanding question: what costume do I wear—slutty or not slutty?

There are a few theories of Halloween’s origins and the role that costumes have as a part of the holiday.

In one theory, Halloween began with the Celtics in pre-medieval Europe, who used it as a time to mark the end of the “light half” (spring and summer), and the beginning of the “dark half” (fall and winter).

The costumes became a traditional part of the celebration because many Celtics believed that the souls of the dead were out and roaming along with demons, witches and even fairies. To please these creatures, people began to leave food and drink out as offerings.

As years went on, people began to dress like these creatures to take the food and drinks for themselves. This became known as “mumming,” and from this came the tradition of what we know today as “trick-or-treating.”

In other words, people began to dress up in costumes as a way to pretend to be monstrous creatures who love to eat. Does this sound like a good excuse to wear lingerie with stilettos out in public? I think not.

It appears to me that Halloween costumes have started to become out of control. While looking for a Halloween costume this year, my roommate and I had a hard time choosing which one to buy. Not because we’re picky, but because we truly don’t want to wear a costume with our entire body basically exposed.

Yes, I wanted to be a cop, but not one with simply booty shorts, a bra and handcuffs to “pull the look together.”

Yes, I wanted to be a nurse, but not one with heels and the tiniest dress imaginable.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those who do choose to wear these costumes. My problem is simply, what do I wear? There is no balance between slutty and goofy. Either I wear a slutty devil costume, or I go dressed in a taco suit. There is no middle ground, or at least I haven’t found it yet.

So as Halloween comes closer, my search is becoming more desperate to find something cute, but classy. I also encourage all of you participating this Halloween to stay classy too. And remember, Halloween should be a time for trickery and fun, not an excuse to take your clothes off.

Samantha Sigler
/Copy editor
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