Soul band mixes up genres to create unique sound

Jimmy Austin on the trombone and Frank Vitolo on the saxophone play at E-clec-ti-city’s Pro Cat Cab on Sept. 29 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. Joe Ray/Photo editor

E-clec-ti-city, a soul band based in Bellingham, Wash., put on an energetic performance at the Sept. 29 Pro Cat Cab. E-clec-ti-city caught the audience’s attention quickly with their unique sound.

The six-piece band is made up of vocalist and guitarist Samuel Eisen-Meyers, drummer Christian Casolary, bassist Matt Pollock, Frank Vitolo on the saxophone, Jimmy Austin on the trombone, and Justin Smith on the organ.

Each member joined E-clec-ti-city with a background in different corners of the music world. As they played, strong influences could be heard from both jazz and reggae in the guitar, trombone and saxophone. E-clec-ti-city members combine their different backgrounds to mix in heavy solos and poetic verses. The variety combined with all of their emotion and passion for music made their music even more energetic.

“I really liked them. They had a great sound and I loved the trombone solos,” junior Kira Weaver said.

E-clec-ti-city is known for playing at Western Washington University, but they’re starting to expand and are trying to play as many colleges as possible.

“Playing at Linfield was awesome. The campus here is beautiful, and the crowd was so energetic. We’re so happy Evan could get us this show,” vocalist Samuel Eisen-Meyers said.

E-clec-ti-city looked like they were having a good time on stage, and the crowd was having a good time watching them. Everyone danced and had a good time throughout the entire set. After the show, the members of E-clec-ti-city took some time to meet the crowd and hang out before cleaning up and leaving.

“They were great. They were different, and interesting, and very rhythmic. It just made me want to dance,” junior Katharine Holm said.

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