Schedule room time for sexually active roommate

This column seems to have taken on it’s own life. Originally, it was meant to deal with any sex-related topic. Instead, it has drifted more toward sex education, which is fine, but it is too narrow.

I think the narrow nature of the column might have made people feel uninvited to ask other types of questions.

So the “Dear Bailey” column is going to be revamped.

It will be moved to the entertainment page in the culture section. The topics will be much more open. We can explore a wider range of topics much more easily if people write in with their questions. Otherwise, I don’t know what people are wondering.

I’m willing to talk about what you’re going through, fantasies and if S&M is normal— just to name a few.


Dear Bailey,

My roommate keeps having sex with her boyfriend in our room while I am there and I am extremely uncomfortable with it. What should I do?



Dear Anonymous,

This seems to be a common complaint around campus. It is understandable that people, especially new couples and those who are experiencing the freedom of college, want to have sex almost constantly.  It is, however, not okay for you to be uncomfortable. Stand up for yourself. Tell your roommate that you are uncomfortable with the atmosphere they are creating. You live there, too.

Suggest a schedule for you to leave the room available for them maybe every other night and several times during the day. They can also use text messages to warn you of a last-minute quickie in the room.

While it does make you uncomfortable to be present while your roommate is having sex with someone in your room, you can’t prevent them from doing it at all. That would be unfair to them and they live there just as much as you. Something definitely needs to be said and worked out between you and your roommate, though.

Everyone wants to have a good experience in college and the dorms are already intrusive enough.

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