Road to success during midterms

 Midterms are here and the stress level of students is rising from hours of additional studying added to their workload. Classes begin to seem overwhelming because people do not know how to cope with exams and the stress that comes with them. Here are some ways to help with those issues.

Don’t: Watch TV while studying in your room. It will be too much of a distraction. Log out of your Facebook account, or get a friend to change your password so you can’t log  on until you’re finished studying.

Do: Use the library as a place to study. It is a quiet location for people to gather and avoid distractions.


Don’t: Spend countless nights eating junk food because your brain won’t have all the nutrients it needs.

Do: Eat healthy foods. Make sure your body is getting all of the right vitamins so you remain healthy and your brain is active
during the exams. Good snack options include fruits, yogurt and nuts.


Don’t: Put it off until the night before. Trying to grasp half of a semester of material in one night will not help lighten the load. It will only cause a student to stress even more.

Do: Spread out studying sessions into small sections throughout the duration of the week.


Don’t: Neglect your work so you can have fun. Your studies should be your first priority.

Do: Make sure to take time out to have a little fun from studying. Students need some fun in their lives when stress starts to pile up.



Don’t: Stress too much about exams. Take on each exam one at a time, and study
subjects in order of importance.

Do: Spend some time in the gym. Yoga is the way to go to relieve stress in a calming matter. Right before studying, just sit down and do some stretches, mentally and physically preparing yourself for work.

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