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Just Go With It


Hello, movie fans! This is Hayden from bringing you the latest and greatest in movie news and reviews. It’s another edition of Watch This, Not That! I’ll be comparing “Just Go with It” and “The Switch.” I rented both movies from Movietime Video, one of the only movie stores left in the area. It’s just across the street from campus, next door to El Primo Mexican Restaurant.

“Just Go with It” stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker. It’s the story of Danny (Sandler) and his unusual pick-up technique of telling women that he’s married, and it isn’t going well. Usually, the story
attracts the women, and Danny gets what he wants. Danny hooks up with the girl of his dreams, Palmer (Decker), without using the pick-up lines on her. The next morning, she discovers that he’s “married,” so Danny
tells her that he’s currently getting a divorce. When Palmer asks to meet his ex-wife, Danny must rush to create a fake family and life.

It’s a fairly simple movie that provides some quality laughs without using the crude card. I thought Sandler and Aniston worked well together and created some good on-screen chemistry. I’m a big fan of Sandler’s early work, so it’s been tough to watch some of the crap he’s made recently, but I was pretty happy with “Just Go with It.”

“The Switch” stars Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston. It’s the comical story of Kassie’s (Aniston) artificial insemination. Wally (Bateman) and Kassie are long-time friends, and Wally isn’t in favor of Kassie’s choice for a sperm donor. He ends up getting drunk and swapping his DNA with the donor’s. Kassie takes a job out of town but returns seven years later. Wally meets Kassie’s son and finally remembers what he did all those years ago.

It wasn’t a laugh-a-thon, but it had a decent story. I’m a big Bateman fan, so anything he’s in will be OK by me. If you’ve never seen “Arrested Development,” Bateman’s best work of art, make sure you check that out.

“The Switch” was pretty average, but Bateman and Aniston were both impressive. “Just Go with It” surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much out of it, but ended up being a crowd-pleaser. Neither was extremely impressive, but I recommend watching “Just Go with It” (7.9/10) and not “The Switch.” (7.2/10)

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