Portland Fashion Week presents art on the runway


Models move down the runway during Portland Fashion Week on Oct. 8. Linfield students attended the Linfield Activities Board-sponsored event, which featured sustainable pieces from a variety of international designers. Photos courtesy of Kyra Rickards

On a trip sponsored by the Linfield Activities Board, Linfield students went to Portland on Oct. 8 to experience Portland Fashion Week.

Students who signed up in the CIC were provided with transportation to see the last night of the fashion week’s featured runway shows.

“It was a really cool event,” sophomore Kyra Rickards said. “The venue was really industrial and modern.”

According to the Portland Fashion Week website, the event is the biggest fashion week in the Pacific Northwest and one of the biggest in the U.S. The week is known for its emphasis on sustainability and for bringing together designers from all over the world.

“I have been to the fashion week in different places in the world such as Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore,” junior Tina Chau Le said in an email. “Portland fashion week is very unique and interesting in terms of organizing and fashion inspiration. I really enjoyed it because I am interested in designing and events.”

Five fashion designers, Jay Sario, Helen Sharp, Cardi Wrap, Michael Costello and Bryce Black: An Avant Garde Introduction, showed off their collections on that night of Portland Fashion Week.

“The collection I liked the best was the black and white collection because of its unique ideas,” Le said in an email. “The sophistication of the designer’s ideas was illustrated by the simplicity of black and white color scheme.”

Rickards said that her favorite piece was from Bryce Black.

“It was very couture, high-end. It had all this black leather and feathers.  It wasn’t something you’d actually wear, but it was more like an art,” she said. “It had all this interesting texture, and you could just see the craftsmanship.  That’s really what couture is. It’s like fashion art.”

About 11 Linfield students attended the event, filling up all of the available spaces on the trip.  According to Rickards, the group from Linfield got to sit in the third row. In all, around 200 people were in the audience.

“It was located near the waterfront, which brought a really cool and unique atmosphere,” Le said in an email.

Le said that she was also impressed with the way that LAB’s off-campus cultural events are handled.

“I want to add one more sentence about Nicole Szanto,” Le said in an email. “I am impressed with her international background and her perception about culture. She is not doing obvious culture events, but she thinks outside of the box about fashion and other things.”

Sharon Gollery/Culture editor
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