Piano and guitar duo pleases audience

Shane Henry performs one of his songs during a Pro Cat Cab on Oct. 6 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. Victor Zhu/Staff photographer

A piano and acoustic guitar duo from Oklahoma serenaded the audience at the Oct. 6 Pro Cat Cab.

Shane Henry and Maggie McClure are both solo artists, but also perform as a duo.

The two of them came together musically after McClure opened a show for Henry when she was only 16 years old. They continued opening shows for each other, with McClure occasionally doing Henry’s backup vocals and vise versa.

Three years ago, they made the decision to come together as a duo.

“They were really good. Shane’s voice reminded me of a mix of John Mayer and Adam Lavigne, and her voice was just absolutely beautiful,” freshman Linnea Caso said.

The audience seemed to  love Henry and McClure. They listened very attentively, clapped, danced in their seats and even sang along when Henry performed a cover of “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson.

“Linfield was such a fun crowd; they were all so sweet and attentive,” Henry said. “Sometimes you get crowds that just don’t care and talk through your whole performance, it was nice to have a crowd that cared.”

Both artists played original and personal songs from their albums, including a song off Henry’s album called “Portland,” about his sister leaving Oklahoma and moving 2,000 miles away to Portland.

“I loved them so much,” freshman Lexi Heredia said. “They’re both super talented. One of their songs really hit home with me and made me cry.”

Breanna Bittick/Staff writer

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