Monologues engage audience

Linfield hosted the free performance of actor Timothy Mooney’s one-man production, “Lot o’ Shakespeare” on Oct. 14 in the Marshall Theatre. The performance itself
included Mooney performing already memorized Shakespearean monologues chosen at random from a bingo cage.

The audience was able to engage with Mooney as they each had their own bingo cards, which were referred to as “iago” cards in reference to Shakespeare. Those who achieved an “iago” were given prizes, such as a t-shirt, tickets for Linfield’s upcoming production of the “5th of July,” and even Mooney’s own book, “Speed of Life.”

Mooney attracted so many people that the Marshall Theater received a full house, even after bringing in extra seats. They had to start turning people away.

“I was amazed at the memorization,” freshman Cody Meadows said after the event.

Mooney memorized 44 different monologues, some of which being Shakespeare’s most famous works, such as Macbeth, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.

Meadows said some of his favorite scenes were Henry V and Macbeth.

“He made it work,” Meadows said.

Mooney was able to perform every monologue perfectly, which the audience could see due to the set up of a projection of the monologues with the words on the wall, so the audience was able to follow along while he performed.

In addition to this performance, Mooney also held a theater workshop earlier in the day where he gave lessons on acting.

Mooney described to the class that the most important thing about acting was simply to be seen and to be heard.

Overall, Mooney’s performance was widely appreciated by the audience.

“He owned the stage,” Meadows said.

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