Loss will not get Wildcats down

This past week, the men’s soccer team played against Willamette University and lost 0-3. With this being the Wildcats eighth loss after playing 10 games (one win and one tie were made as well), the team still isn’t ready to give up hope  yet.

“Everyone has to get on the same page in order for us to be successful,” head coach Ian Lefebvre said.

The Wildcats, although the team as individuals are talented players, aren’t playing as a unit which is beginning to effect their performance on the field.

Along with having difficulties playing together as a team, a contributing factor to the excess amount of losses appears to be the fact that the Wildcats are still a young team.

“[We’re] definitely good enough, and definitely talented enough,” Lefebvre said.

The only thing the Wildcats need to work on now has become “finishing their chances” and making the goals that they intend to make on the field.

At the moment, the biggest problem with the team is building confidence.

“We must have confidence in ourselves and one another in order to unite and start playing up to our potential,” senior Wil Hiles said in an email.

“Obviously something has to change,” Lefebvre said. “[We need to] focus on things that we need to focus on.” With this in mind, the Wildcats plan on fixing the issues this week that they keep continuously running into such as communication and working together as a team as opposed to playing as individuals.

In addition to working on playing together as a unit, a plus for the Wildcats is that injuries are beginning to heal which allows more players to return to the field.

With all of these factors in mind, the Wildcats aren’t giving up and are continuing to push forward in an attempt to win the last few games of the season.

“We remain optimistic about the remainder of the season,” Hiles said. “We have too much pride in ourselves, each other and the program to throw in the towel.”

Samantha Sigler/Copy editor
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