La Vie – Switchfoot meets The Fray

Producer Andrew Dixon, most commonly known for producing artists like Colbie Caillat and Augustana, brings you the soft folk-rock sounds of the Los Angeles band La Vie. The debut of its self-titled album brings the sounds of heavy folk roots along with a mixture alternative rock to form relaxing melodies.

La Vie has been performing hits from its self-titled album all across California and the UK. It was also featured as the Indie Spotlight on the front page of YouTube recently.  La Vie offers a unique and natural sound to the KSLC mix of alternative music.

The four-man band including lead vocal Adam Roth, guitarist Trevor Conner, drummer Bill Delia and bassist Ryan Williams write music together, embracing the sounds of artists such as The Stanley Brothers and The Carter Family. The sound is a mixture of Switchfoot and The Fray, as it portrays this alternative soft sound of a good-hearted band.

Unlike other alternative-folk bands, La Vie provides a calm sound that is relaxing and refreshing to hear. The four man group has produced several songs that have made their marks on the music industry already.

The whole band works together in the songwriting process of all of their songs on the self-titled album. The song “Waiting For You,” is a laid-back track that demonstrates an all-around good sound.

After touring across the United Kingdom, the band continued to write music, picking up the international influences that it had been looking for, which can be found in the song like “Say,” which had its debut on the self-titled album.

The song “Impossible” is another upbeat and positive song that talks about the band members’ hometown and cruising through life, as the soft yet somewhat twang-guitar sounds play in the background.

Although they are still in the process of starting out, they continue to grow and create a name for themselves, from songs showing up on the MTV show “Made,” to music and interviews appearing on the BBC.

Some of the songs can be downloaded for free on La Vie’s website. To hear more songs and to check the band out for yourself you can go to KSLC and listen. We are now streaming online so go to our website and listen to the Best in the Northwest Student Station, KSLC 90.3 FM,

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