Clothes serve as freedoms of expression

Women dressed in clothing showing more than the social wander down the streets in multiple cities They clutch signs with the words “Slut Pride.”  “Slut” is written on their bodies.

The term “slut” has been used bluntly throughout history to identify a woman who is thought to allow men to take advantage of her.

In Toronto, five women started a protest against the argument that rape occurs due to a woman’s appearance.

They started a protest series that spread rapidly throughout the world called “SlutWalks.”

Most people may think that this is just another way to show extreme feminist beliefs. However, this protest is more about the fact that women are being judged about the way they dress because they are seen as “targets for rape.”

The idea of this protest is not technically trying to get rid of the term “slut.” It is more about trying to fight against society’s expectations of what a woman should dress like.

Women are not the only ones fighting for this cause. Men are also participating to help encourage the idea.

According to the Washington Post, SlutWalks  has become “one of the most successful feminist actions in the last 20 years.”

Rape is a sensitive subject that has been becoming an issue all across the country.

There should not be an attachment to what a person wears to consider them a “target.” Freedom of speech and expression exist.

If a woman wants to go around and bare it all, then she should go ahead. Society should not try to blame what they wear for an issue as big as rape.

These protests are doing more then just promoting feminism. They are informing society of the ignorance  that has risen over the centuries that involve the appearance of women.

The information that the SlutWalks have exposed has opened the eyes of millions with all the attention it is getting. This fight is not just for feminists, it is for all that are being judged because of the way they look.

If a person wants to look a certain way, it is not right for someone else to criticize their appearance. What they do is their business.

Society does not need to attach some stigma because a girl wears a lot of make up or likes showing a little leg or stomach.

Everyone has their own idea of what a woman should look like and what a man should look like, but attaching rape to it is too extreme.

-Ivanna Tucker/Features editor

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