Be on the lookout for vandalism on campus

The school is spending money on resistance repairs for the vandalized Linfield signs around campus, including the entrance signs on Booth Bend and Davis Street.

“The cost of repairs including new letters and staff time for installation is just under $5,000,” said Brad Sinn, director of facilities and auxiliary services.

The money for these repairs comes from the facilities services operating budget, as does any vandalism.

While it is necessary to replace the Linfield signs, what is being done to prevent more vandalism from happening around campus?

“College Public Safety (CPS) has enhanced patrols as part of targeted enforcement measures and is working closely with the McMinnville Police Department on this matter,” said Linda Powell, senior director of human resources and administration/risk manager.

With the facilities services operating budget at hand, it seems that it would be helpful to purchase additional security cameras near the entrance signs to catch the culprit behind these acts and to spot any other potential vandals that make their way onto the Linfield campus.

CPS, with as few officers as it has, already has a lot on its plate to deal with without having to increase patrols around the Linfield entrance signs. CPS officers can’t possibly catch everything that happens on campus and that is where additional security cameras could help.

In the long run, security cameras would help CPS become more efficient by saving extra time and effort. Security cameras can spot what CPS patrol officers miss while they are dealing with other issues.

In the meantime, everyone on the Linfield campus can help keep the school looking pretty and vandalism-free by being on the lookout for any suspicious behavior.

“Such senseless vandalism wastes time and resources, and personally, I find it offensive and disrespectful to our Linfield community,” Powell said. “We ask that all members of our community be observant and report any suspicious behavior to CPS or the McMinnville Police Department.”

Students shouldn’t simply take for granted what a clean and presentable campus Linfield has.

If everyone ignores vandalism when it happens, more and more money will have to be spent on replacing items around campus. The combination of purchasing additional security cameras and students reporting suspicious behavior to either CPS or the McMinnville Police Department will help to maintain the beauty and integrity of Linfield College.

-The Review Editorial Board

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