Be careful when seeking advice on pregnancy

I have mentioned Planned Parenthood a few times in my articles from this year and last.

I mention it because I know it is reliable, not only from personal experience but from what many other people have reported as well.

There is a Planned Parenthood in McMinnville for those who want to visit one.

Last week, when I mentioned Planned Parenthood, I also talked about another local pregnancy center and even though I mentioned it, I don’t know its reputation.

I want to urge caution, however, when using other centers.

Some centers do not provide accurate information and will press their own views on family planning and options.

Women have reported going in for an abortion, birth control, or general information on sex, and instead got a lecture about why what they were doing was immoral and against the teachings of God.

In the New York Times opinion section, a graduate student wrote about her experience with such a place.

She made an appointment at Planned Parenthood for an abortion and the operator told her to think about all of her options, which they are legally required to do.

She decided to go to a local place that advertised information on abortions.

Unfortunately, she found the place to be a false medical center.

The staff was not made up of medical professionals but rather people preying on vulnerable women to push their own personal views that abortion was wrong using religion as a persuasion tool.

Lizz Winstead, writer and co-founder of “The Daily Show,” reported a similar account from her childhood on a YouTube video.

She went in for an abortion and was greeted with false information and religious pressures.

While not all centers are like this, women seeking information should be very cautious when choosing a place to go for seeking professional and medical advice.

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