Band combines catchy beats and bluegrass sound

The unique sounds of bluegrass and country-rock collide to bring you Boston native band Comanchero.

This five-member band works together to bring catchy yet rhythmic music to Linfield’s radio station, KSLC.

Comanchero is defined as western Hispanic traders who were known for being the best customers of trading in that region, which inspired the western sounds found in the band’s music.

The band has performed together all across the United States for more than seven years. They have opened and worked with bands like Passion Pit and The Mother Truckers.

They have continued to travel after playing in more than 100 shows from coast to coast.

One of the tracks, titled “Jimmy Carter,” brings bongos and eclectic guitar sounds together to create a lively, foot-stomping beat. Clever lyrics are guaranteed when you listen to any of Comanchero’s songs.

Many different bands and artists, such as Wilco, Mumford and Sons and Led Zeppelin, influence Comanchero’s unique sounds. It is easy to pick up on these important contributors when you listen to this bluegrass and funk music.

Comanchero is continuing to grow in number of followers on the East coast after releasing its third album, “The Undeserved,” which can be found on its website.

Listen for Comanchero, a fun bluegrass band that will make you want to dance, on KSLC.

To hear more songs and to check them out for yourself, you can go to KSLC and listen.

We are now streaming online so go to our website and listen to the Best in the Northwest Student Station, KSLC 90.3 FM,

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