Albuquerque band’s latest album does not disappoint

Of God and Science has recently released an album that will surely keep the anticipation high.

If you are looking to add some variety to your music library, “Black Rabbit” will not leave you short of this goal.

The band is made up of Julian Martinez, Jeremy Fine (bass) and Matt Dominguez (songwriter), all who have collaborated to create a unique sound that is comparable to Radiohead and Pink Floyd. However, their sound is certainly their own in a new way.

After making their presence known through a circuit of local coffee shops in the South in 2001, their name became more common and recognized.

As they continued performing, they developed their sound and have released their most recent album, “Black Rabbit,” in Albuquerque N.M. Since its release last year, it has been making an impression on campus radio stations around the nation.

Every song on this album brings something new and refreshing to the table. Tracks such as “Wasteland” are made up of dramatic tones and rich instrumentals.

It embraces chill beats that could almost leave you in a trance, while the simple lyrics allow the rich melody to sink in.

Other songs have a much lighter feeling with uplifting vocals and sounds that flow through in a pleasantly peaceful manner.

The diversity within the tracks themselves will certainly keep you on your toes as well.

A unique track, “Bugs are Good,” enhances a strong harmonizing of the group member’s voices.

Their vocal tones, in addition to the prevalent anticipation that it makes you feel, embrace you. Extensive instrumental components compliment lyrical parts seamlessly.

The simplicity that is conveyed is a pleasurable surprise for this album.

With the alternating pace and energy that is demonstrated you could find yourself playing this song on repeat.

Overall, this album embraces variety throughout while maintaining a consistent sound, which says a lot about Of God and Science.

Smooth, trendy beats find themselves confiding in rich classic sounds, bringing a new experience to a common, comfortable genre.

Their original tones accent a mesmerizing array of lyrical and harmonious delights that this album has to offer.

For some refreshing new melodies be sure to check out “Black Rabbit” on KSLC 90.3 fm. You can also listen online on our recently updated web page at

Brinn Hovde/KSLC Music Director
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