Act now to protect our only home

By the end of October, seven billion people will inhabit Earth according to the United Nations.

This means that in only 12 years, Earth’s population has grown by one billion people.

At this rate, resources will be used up quickly unless everyone changes their habits.

One of the reasons our population is growing at such a rapid rate is because of the large numbers of children born in developing countries.

People in these countries produce more children because there is a higher mortality rate, resulting in a greater number of people.

A lot of people in America may not think that what happens in other countries around the world concerns them, but in reality, we are all connected.

We all live on the same planet and are using up the same resources.

While there are a lot of big changes that need to be made, there are plenty of small things that everyone can do to save our planet.

Everyone has the capability to recycle. All it takes is throwing recyclables in recycling bins instead of in trash cans.

By reusing as many resources as possible, we can help preserve all of Earth’s resources.

Along with recycling comes the concept of sustainability. Try to live in a way that doesn’t use up Earth’s resources.

Recycling is a great first step on the path to sustainability. Go shopping in a thrift store. There are a lot of great items that have already been used.

Also, be aware of what is going on in other countries and donate what you can afford to charities that help struggling people around the world.

Donating something as simple as a blanket or a dollar can change someone else’s life.

By aiding poor countries around the world, we are also investing in ourselves.

People in developed countries have fewer children than those in developing countries, due to a lower mortality rate.

Therefore, by helping developing countries, we are beginning to take care of the population problem. As a country becomes more stable, its citizens begin producing less children.

People who want to have kids should also consider adopting children before having children of their own.

Why have children in an over-populated world when there are plenty of existing?

When deciding to raise a family, at least consider adoption.

Why not provide a loving home to someone who has none?

If everyone follows at least one of the previous tips we can live on Earth for many more generations to come.

Meghan O’Rourke/Opinion editor
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