2010 Security and Fire Safety Report released

Linfield College’s 2010 Security and Fire Safety Report was released.   Among other things, the report showed an increase in liquor law violations and both forcible and non-forcible sexual offenses on campus.

The report included the statistics from 2008 to 2010 and links to institutional policies concerning campus security.

The crime statistic concerns the reported crimes that occurred on-campus, in off-campus buildings

It also covered property owned or controlled by the college or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campuses.

In the McMinnville Campus, there was no report on criminal homicide, robbery and aggravated assault, arrests or referrals for disciplining on weapons violations last year.

For burglary, the report cases were reduced to zero last year from 2008’s 15 cases on and off-campuses.

However, there is a slight increase in the cases of arrests for liquor law violation.

As for drug violation, larson and motor vehicle theft categories, reported cases re-appeared last year after having no record in 2009.

It also showed an increase in both forcible ad non-forcible sexual offenses on campus, with six out of 11 incidences happening in residence halls, though there is a drop in non-campus property.

The cases of referrals for discipline for liquor law violations and drug violations also surged on campus, especially in residence halls.

For the Portland Campus, the number of reported cases in all categories is significantly smaller, with one forcible sex offense and motor vehicle theft in public property as well as two on-campus burglaries.

For the adult degree program, there was no report on crime at all.

The report also covered the methods of reporting incidents and emergencies, misconduct and missing persons.

It outlined the college’s system of notifying and being notified of emergencies.

It also contained a brochure on how to respond to emergencies.

The report was prepared by the college’s College Public Safety (CPS).

Along with CPS’s work, other organizations collaborated to create the report.

This included local law enforcement agencies, the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

For more information or the full version of the report, go to www.linfield.edu/college-public-safety/annual-report.html or by contacting CPS at (503)-883-7233.

Cassie Wong/
Staff writer
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