’Cats struggle resulting in defeat

The men’s soccer team lost once again against Whitman College with a score of 1-0 Oct. 1, as well as Oct. 2 against Whitworth College by one penalty kick.

“[It’s] unfair that it was decided on a penalty kick,” senior Kyle Brouse said.

This puts the Wildcats at seven losses, one win at the beginning of the season against Northwest Christian University, and one tie against George
Fox University.

“We couldn’t get the rhythm,” Brouse said about their most recent losses. “[We] couldn’t finalize
actual passes.” While the games are intense and close, the Wildcat’s are having a difficult time making and scoring goals.

“[We] need to execute [our] opportunity in front of the net” head coach Ian Lefebvre said. “[We’re] getting better at communicating with each other, now its goals [we need to focus on].”

As injuries continue to heal and players recover, communication is getting better, which aids the Wildcats in their game. While communication is getting better with the team, the Wildcats find that now they simply need to work on finishing their chances and making the goals they need in order to win.

“[We] haven’t been able to finish, it’s been like that all season,” freshman Eric Gutierrez said.

In addition to working on finishing their chances, the Wildcats also feel as though they need to work on not letting the referees calls get to them.

“We do get frustrated,” Brouse said. “[We] get too caught up in emotions, [and] let the ref’s get to us too much.”

As for the last few games, the Wildcats feel as though they’ve “been unlucky [these] last couple weeks,” Lefebvre said. They’ve Been making “simple mistakes,” as Gutierrez said.

However, the Wildcats aren’t letting these past few weeks stop them, and plan on continuing hard work at practice
to show it on the field.

Samantha Sigle/Copy editor
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