‘Last Comic Standing’ finalist appeals to college audience

Students were kept laughing all night by a guest comedian Oct. 15 in Ice Auditorium.

Myq Kaplan had a joke for just about everything and didn’t hold back, even cracking a few jokes about audience members.

Kaplan was definitely a good pick for a young adult audience.

He told several raunchy jokes that got the whole crowd laughing, covering everything from gay to incredibly sexual jokes.

“This guy was hilarious. I loved that all his jokes related to each other in some way. He had an awkward presence but that just made him even more hilarious,” freshman Caitlynn Fahlgren said.

“He was so funny. I seriously laughed the entire time. I loved that he had a joke about absolutely everything. His level of inappropriateness wasn’t too far, but just far enough. He was really engaging with his audience. He kept making fun of one guy for his laugh and me for being late,” said freshman Laura Lichti.

Even after his performance, Kaplan kept cracking jokes.

During my interview with him he referred to me as “the Socrates of journalism” because I’m aware that I have a lot to learn, but still tried to fake being the best writer out there.

“I really liked Linfield. Most of the people here seemed really into the show and looked like they were happy to be here,” said Kaplan.

Kaplan is a 2010 Last Comic Standing finalist and has appeared on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central Presents, and The Late, Late Show with Craig Fergusen.

He tours the country regularly, and has preformed at more than 1,000 destinations

His CD, Vegan Mind Meld, was one of iTunes top best-selling comedy albums in 2010.

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