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Hello, movie fans! This is Hayden from bringing you the latest and greatest in movie news and reviews. I didn’t make it to the cinema this week, but I did have the chance to watch a couple of big budget comedies- Your Highness and Take Me Home Tonight. I’d like to introduce you to my new segment, “Watch This, Not That”.

Your Highness stars Danny McBride, James Franco and Natalie Portman. It’s the story of Prince Fabious (Franco) and his lazy, worthless brother, Thadeous (McBride). Fabious’s bride is captured by an evil wizard and the duo sets out on an extraordinary quest to save her.

Don’t expect much from Your Highness. It’s one of the more immature movies that I’ve seen in a while, but I was busting up laughing at times. It had its laughs, but if I had one word to describe the movie, it would be stupid. If you’re looking for cheap laughs or something to watch while procrastinating, I could recommend it.

Take Me Home Tonight stars Topher Grace and Anna Faris. Matt (Grace) is a recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate who is stuck working at a local movie rental store because he doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. His high school crush is back in town, and Matt wants to impress her, so he makes up a high profile job to try to get her attention.

Take Me Home Tonight isn’t overly crude but did have its moments. It wasn’t as funny as it looked, which is always a disappointment, and it didn’t have a lot else to offer. There was something about it, however, that was slightly satisfying. Maybe it was the ice cream I was eating at the time.

Your Highness was crude and over-the-top, while Take Me Home Tonight was funny but nothing special. I’d recommend not watching either, but since I have to choose, I recommend you watch Take Me Home Tonight (7.0/10) and not Your Highness (6.8/10).

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