Sustainability Council to host grant writing workshop this week

The Sustainability Council will host a grant writing workshop open to all students at 7 p.m. on Sept. 28 in Riley 210. Most students are unaware that there are grants that they can access, but even fewer realize that the money available to them is technically their own money.

The sustainability grant is available to students to create sustainable projects on campus and also goes toward renewable energy. $10 of every student’s tuition each semester goes toward funding for the grant. Half of the money goes toward capital management and planning for renewable energy products, such as the solar panels on top of TJ Day Hall, and the other half goes toward the Sustainability Grant that students can access.

The purpose of the upcoming workshop is to make it clear to students that this money is for them to use to benefit Linfield and to explain the intricate process of actually receiving the money to be used. Because students must go through a grant writing process to be considered for receiving the grant, the sustainability council is working to help students become more familiar and comfortable with the process.

Junior Kit Crane, who will help host the workshop, said that coming just to learn about the options available for students is important and will be helpful to those interested in becoming an active member on campus.

“The first workshop will focus on brain storming for students who want to get involved on campus or think that there are tools or services on campus or things that could be done more efficiently or sustainably,” Crane said. “People who want to get involved and make Linfield more sustainable but don’t have any ideas are welcome to come too.”

Crane said that it will also be helpful for students with ideas because she and others running the workshop will be able to connect them to the resources required to make their ideas come to life.

In recent years, the grant has been used to fund recycling bins, build the sustainable bike shelter, purchase safety equipment for the bike co-op and purchase reusable water bottles for all incoming students.

With knowledge of the many opportunities available, Crane said that if a student has an idea, they will find support within the Linfield community, whether through the grant or through people who sincerely want to help.

“If you want to get more water and energy efficient washers and dryers, you can do it,” she said. “People will support you in making our community more sustainable and more efficient. Linfield is about sustainability and we want to be able to sustain our beautiful campus and the resources we have.”

At the grant writing workshop, Crane said this idea will be expanded upon, as well as the grant’s history and purpose.

“I think this grant is super important, and it’s important for students to learn about it because it’s a great opportunity to make their dreams come alive here, it’s a great opportunity to get grant writing experience and it’s a great opportunity to network amongst the community and the faculty and staff here,” Crane said.

Anyone is welcome to the workshop, even if they don’t have ideas but simply want to learn about the grant. There will be more workshops held Oct. 18 and Nov. 9, as well as another series of workshops in the spring.

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