Local hip-hop presents refreshing beats, lyrics

Seattle-based alternative hip-hop group The Let Go has produced an album with an original sound and unique vibes. Their newest album, “Morning Comes” is sure to diversify the KSLC library and bring a new sound over the airwaves.

The group, comprised of producer Captain Midnite (Joe Symanski) and emcees Type (Philipp Potz) and Kublakai (Ian Waller), has collaborated efforts to establish this unique album that maintains anticipation from song to song.

Like other local hip-hop artists, The Let Go have a lot to offer that isn’t typically heard through mainstream music. Meaningful lyrics and fresh sounds help contribute to an album that has potential to hit close to home.

Feel-good tracks, such as “Autumn Leaves,” embrace rich vocals and rhythm that are perfect for relaxing to as we find ourselves drifting toward fall.

Other tracks, such as “Dream’s Over” have developed from a more common, traditional hip-hop sound that can be easily related to what we are accustomed to when approaching an album such as this one. However, there are a plethora of tracks that incorporate an original collaboration of instruments. This results in a sound that could be tagged as old school and smooth.

Each track manages to evoke a new emotion throughout the listening experience. The variation between strong beats and flowing lyrics contribute to a pleasurable listening experience. This attribute adds depth to the album that brings you back for more time and time again.

Even though they’re young in their career, the diversity they possess suggests years of experience comparable to artists with numerous albums under their belts. This album’s sound is far from young.

Although they’re locally affiliated, The Let Go are far from only being locally known. Their recognition on MTV and CMJ music charts highlights a few of their accomplishments in their limited history.

Since their debut in August of 2008, they have already been approached for multiple nationwide tours in partnership with other indie hip-hop artists and coupled for several shows. They arranged their own tour in 2009 as they wrapped up Morning Comes, which was released in April of 2010.

Be sure to check out The Let Go on KSLC for a unique blend of lyrics and tone that couldn’t be described any better than butter. Now you can listen anywhere with your computer. Stream online at www.linfield.edu/kslcfm.

Brinn Hovde/KSLC Music Director
Brinn Hovde can be reached at kslcmusic@gmail.com. 

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