Linfield’s weight room deserves more attention

With all of the changes that are happening at Linfield, it’s refreshing and encouraging to see where some of our money is going. It was an exciting summer on campus with the completion of T.J. Day Hall and the remodel of Dillin Hall and several residence halls, such as Hewitt. The extended dinner hours in Dillin are also a plus.

However, even with all of these awesome changes, there is one area in particular that needs more attention. The weight room located in the basement of the Health, Human Performance and Athletics building needs an upgrade.

One would think that because many students at Linfield are fairly athletic, either because of sports, an Intramural Sports team or simply because they are health conscious, that the weight room would receive a bit more attention. For a couple weeks now, some of the elliptical machines and treadmills have had out of order signs on them, and others just don’t work. Other machines are pretty outdated and uncomfortable to use.

Overcrowding is also an issue, especially between the hours of 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Students often have to wait to use a piece of equipment or come back later. In the back of the room, students crowd around weights, taking turns. There is hardly any room to sit and stretch or work on abdominal strengthening and toning. When students do sit in the middle of the floor, there is hardly any room to walk through the weight room.

Obviously there isn’t an easy solution to the overcrowding problem since there isn’t room to expand at that particular location, but the weight room’s hours could be adjusted. For instance, the library stays open until 1 a.m., why can’t the weight room? Some people prefer to work out at night. Many students don’t have free time until late at night anyway. Plus, this would help give more students work study jobs since several would have to work at the same time to ensure students are coming to use the weight room and not roaming the building.

If changing the hours is too radical of an adjustment right now, an equipment upgrade would be nice in the meantime.

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