Jack Ruby Presents keeps energy alive

Chris Hernandez and other members of Jack Ruby Presents (Melissa Davaz, Aaron Owens and Jesse Hughey) gleamed with energy as the audience sang along with them during a Pro Cat Cab on Sept.15 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. Victor Zhu/For the Review

The members of Jack Ruby Presents burst on stage, energetic and ready to perform Sept. 15 at the Pro Cat Cab in Fred Meyer Lounge. Each member gleamed with energy throughout each song, making the concert more enjoyable as the audience sang along.

Jack Ruby Presents, consisting of Linfield alumni Jesse Hughey, Melissa Davaz, Aaron Owens and Chris Hernandez, started off the show with “Dead Man’s Reach II.” They built up the energy by playing more upbeat music, keeping slower songs in the mix as well. They also played the song “Casualty” that has not been recorded yet by the band.

Davaz’s vocals shone as she performed “Strange Fruit” which is an arrangement of a Billie Holiday song and a song by Murder by Death.

“[The song] reflects on our country’s not so bright moves,” Davaz said.

Other members’ vocals were presented as the show progressed and displayed how each person had something to bring to the table. Hernandez sung lead vocals for the “The Haunting.”

Hughey performed lead for a few songs such as “Spanish Songs.” Hughey said he wrote the song for his wife. The crowd became a part of the performance as this song began to play. People began to waltz. As the song progressed more and more people joined in.

The audience moved and danced throughout each song. Hughey pulled out the electric guitar and the crowd went wild.  The upbeat tempo made the energy of the place rise and kept the crowd entertained.

The concert came to an end but the crowd wanted more, so the band decided to play an encore. They encouraged everyone to come outside by the Walker fountain and sing along as they played “Wagon Wheel.”  The crowd followed and everyone sang along.

Afterward, it seemed like nothing but positive feedback from the audience.

“They were uplifting and had a great energy,” freshman Lauren Kawaski said.

The band performs all across the Northwest and plans on recording its new album in December. Its recently released album is called “Over Wires and White Plains,” which consists of 12 songs.

All of the band members seemed to love performing and connecting with the audience as they used jokes in-between songs and uniquely ended the show.

“[Music] has been engraved in me,” Davaz said. “Just the fact that I enjoy it keeps me going.”

Ivanna Tucker/Features editor
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