Greek support sends the wrong message

Hey ’Cats. I don’t know if you noticed, but there was a clear disparity between the season-opening game on Sept. 10 and last weekend’s contest at Maxwell Field, and I’m not talking about the final margin. While it’s always nice to watch the Wildcats pound the stuffing out of a helpless opponent, I couldn’t help but draw my eyes to the sleepy student section. Only two weeks ago the end zone gate was loaded with screaming students who yelled until they were hoarse. It’s been 14 days…where did these fans go?

It occurred to me the other night after a short conversation with a frustrated fan that opening weekend was the kickoff for sorority recruitment. Before I say anything further, understand that I’m not one of those gloom-and-doom naysayers who think that the men and women affiliated with a Greek organization are vacuous, party-hard idiots. Some of my best friends on earth are Greek, and on the whole, I think the system does a lot of good for a lot of people.

With that said, I can’t help but think that most of the Greek sisters who so
fervently gave their support on Sept. 10 but were noticeably absent on Sept. 24 were probably only interested in recruiting for their respective sororities.

I can recall at the Cal Lutheran game hearing young women in the student section talking about how to get the freshmen girls to begin cheering and then inform them about their sorority when they saw how fun it could be.

Last weekend, there were no cheers and there was no support. Sure, some of those sisters probably are interested in football and some were probably there for the La Verne game; but on the whole, Greek
life was a non-factor.

What kind of message do you think you’re sending? That you should only support your school’s sports organizations when you stand to gain something from it? I don’t think that’s what Greek Life intended to indicate, but that’s how it looked to me. If you’re really all about Linfield sports, you go during recruitment and after. Otherwise, all those freshmen girls that you won over to your organization might catch wise that the enthusiasm you showed was just to put butts in seats at your weekly meetings.

Recruiting tactics on the whole must have been effective, because every Greek sister I know was ecstatic after bid day. That is fantastic, and those girls are going to love their new sisters. But I would like to challenge Greek life to step up and continue to show their young members what Linfield is all about at the next home game. With that many people and that much fervor, we could make a lot of noise. Are you game enough, Greeks?

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Sports columnist
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