Extended Dillin hours only for dinner

The dinner hours in Dillin Hall have been extended by an hour this year. William Masullo, the general manager of Sodexo, said the dining hours “were extended because of fall sports teams having conflicts with games [and] practices. While we offered an equivalency in the Catty Shack, it just wasn’t the same.”

However, lunch and breakfast hours have not been extended. Beginning last year, class schedules were modified in order to ensure that everyone had time for lunch.

Now that class schedules have been revised in order to give everyone suitable eating hours, it seems that Dillin Hall is more crowded than usual. Huge groups of students flood Dillin during lunch and dinner, creating long lines and filling up tables. Many students around campus have been talking about how crowded Dillin is, especially at lunch time.

While it is great that everyone now has time to enjoy lunch between classes, having a pleasant lunchtime experience can be difficult with Dillin being overcrowded.

Why wasn’t the lunch hour extended as well? Since the dinner hour has been extended, isn’t it possible to extend the lunch hour as well?

With everyone trying to eat at the same time, chaos in the dining hall can easily ensue. If lunch at Dillin was extended, it would allow people more time to get their food, meaning that there would be a lesser chance of one massive rush of  students.

The people who probably are suffering most from the crowds are the Dillin Hall employees. The lunch shift is surely more stressful now that so many students come in at one time.

With just an hour added on to lunchtime, there would be a more steady flow of students coming in and out, rather than one huge pack.

It seems to be in everyone’s best interest to have lunchtime at Dillin Hall extended.

For those Linfield students who are impatient or cannot handle massive crowds of people, check out the Catty Shack or Jazzman’s instead.

If crowding at lunch continues to be a problem, maybe, in the future, Dillin Hall will offer extended lunch hours as well.

-The Review Editorial Board

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  1. Mark Johnson // September 12, 2011 at 3:42 pm //

    This is exactly what I said when they proposed changing the schedule. It’s messed up. They shouldn’t have done it.

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