Comedian pokes fun at rules of dating

Comedian Ron G engaged the audience with his jokes and funny stories about drunken people, racial differences and the rules of dating during a performance Sept. 24 in Ice Auditorium. Joel Ray/Photo editor

Comedian Ron G had his audience in stitches with jokes about the rules of dating and his impressions of everything from an angry girlfriend to President Obama.

Ron G was a finalist on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” and he was the first place winner of the 2005
Sierra Mist Late Night Laff Off. The comedian performed for students Sept. 24 in Ice Auditorium.

While he made fun of drunken people, racial differences and frustrating everyday moments, the bulk of Ron G’s comic routine was centered on the subject of dating. He made fun of the way girls can make snatching their boyfriends’ dreams away almost like a sport, complete with teams and cheerleaders.

“I almost expect to see them on Sports Central,” he said.

He did an impression of a cheerleader rooting for her team to destroy a boy’s self-confidence.

Another topic he covered was nice boys.

“Girls think of nice boys like they think of the tooth fairy,” he said.

He also told the audience that “nice is the new creepy” and related a funny story about being treated like a creeper because he was being too nice on a first date.

One of his more popular impressions was of an angry girl being driven home by her boyfriend. The audience laughed uproariously at his facial expressions and exaggerated movements.

The comedian also made fun of racial differences. He imitated black people making fun of white people and Asian people making fun of black people.

“Everyone’s a little bit racist,” he said.

When he asked if there was anyone from India in the audience and began doing an exaggerated impression of an Indian, one audience member exclaimed that he was “not that Indian,” making the comedian laugh so hard that he had to wipe tears from his eyes.

Also tied to the topic of racism was the comedian’s impression of President Obama.  He said that Obama has set the bar too high for normal guys, making it almost impossible for an average man to ask a girl out. He ended the story with an impression of asking a girl out “presidential style.”

He finished the performance with impressions of terrible everyday moments that only last a split second but that seem to last forever. “Chariots of Fire” played over the speakers as he did slow-motion impressions of being fired from a job, having a credit card fail at the grocery store, finding out that the stripper at a bachelor party is a man, and discovering that there is no more toilet paper in the bathroom at a family dinner.

It was a hilarious performance that was well received by the audience.  Ron G can be found online on Facebook, Twitter, and on his web site,

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