Are new officers and equipment necessary?

Community Public Safety and Security (CPS) has acquired new staff members, a new patrol bicycle and a golf cart this year.

At first glance, all of these new additions can make one question, where did all of these upgrades come from and are they necessary?

“Our department incurred three vacancies within a short period this year,” said Robert Cepeda, director of CPS.

According to Linda Powell, the senior director of human resources and administration/risk manager, “there is an ongoing account for equipment needs for CPS.” CPS used to have two vehicles, but their Honda broke down. A used golf cart was purchased to replace the Honda. The bicycle was purchased with account money because CPS wants to “be more visible,” said Powell.

A golf cart may seem kind of silly to picture officers driving around in, but it actually helps Campus Security accomplish their new goal, which is to “be more visible,” said Powell. The bicycle was purchased in order help officers navigate around campus.

All of these additions seem perfectly reasonable now that the motives and funding for the additions have become clear. CPS is an important part of the Linfield community and it is important to provide them with the best equipment possible. It is also important to have a capable staff, and it seems that CPS has hired very capable individuals for the job: Josh Armstrong, who is also a member of the Oregon Army National Guard; Chris Krigbaum, who is also a Reserves Member for the McMinnvile Police Department; and Brian Shleifer, who also works as an infantryman for the Oregon Army National Guard.

With all of these new qualified officers and updated equipment, CPS will now be able to supervise the whole Linfield campus more efficiently. Hopefully this will help to keep students feeling safe navigating the campus at all hours. There is the occasional creepy stranger who will follow a student at night, but hopefully since CPS hired new officers and wants to be more available to students, these types of incidents can now be stopped easier.

Walking back to the dorms from the library alone late at night can be scary, but there are emergency call stations around campus if you want to be picked up by CPS rather than walk home alone in the dark. CPS is supposed to be here to help protect students from danger, but if students don’t ask for help when they need it, than no help will come. All in all, it is a good thing that CPS has its own account to purchase the necessities it needs in order to keep the Linfield campus a safe place.


-The Review Editorial Board


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