American needs hard workers

It seems to me that each generation of Americans gets lazier and lazier. Today’s American youth appears lazier than ever. The majority of young people today simply don’t want to work hard. While there are certainly still some hard working young people in America, many slack off in school and are content with simply laying around doing nothing. A part of this may just be that we’re young. School sucks sometimes, and it can be nice to relax and not do anything productive. However, once our generation runs the country, will we be able to stay a world power?

With the way people in America are behaving, I’m not sure we can stay one of the top world powers for long. While many teens in America slack off in school, teenagers in Asia are working their butts off. It’s no wonder China is becoming a strong world power. The government may be very controlling of its people, but as of now, it seems that the people of China are proud to work very hard for their country. Many companies in America are hiring people from overseas rather than hiring people in their own country because they can hire people overseas that work harder for less money. If we want to continue to be a world power and not be surpassed by other countries we’re going to have to start working harder and stop taking what we have for granted.

A huge contributor to America’s laziness in general is technology. Think about everything technology has given us that has enabled us to become lazy: cars, television, microwaves, video games, computers- the list goes on and on. These are great inventions, but they have also made humans inactive. Before we had all of this great stuff, people actually had to cook meals instead of simply putting something in the microwave. Kids actually played outside instead of sitting in front of the TV. People worked really hard to develop our country and create all these great things, but now what? People are too sluggish to do anything, and more and more people are becoming obese. What are we to do when the things that have made us great are now making us fat couch potatoes?

It may not be easy, but we can’t depend on technology to do absolutely everything for us. If we allow that, soon humans are going to end up just like the people on Wall-E- fat people who can’t walk and have robots who do everything for them. I think the solution to this growing problem is to find a balance between doing things for ourselves and letting technology do everything for us. Technology is there to aid us, not to do every action for us. If we want to stay a world power, we are going to have to find this balance and become a country full of hard workers again.

Meghan O’Rourke
/Opinion editor
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