Suicide Update

According to a May 4 News-Register article titled “Second suspect cops plea in drug death,” Chad Brown, 23, who committed suicide on Linfield College’s campus April 10 was involved in the February 2010 death of 21-year-old David Lent, a 2006 graduate of North Salem High School.

Lent died of an alcohol and drug overdose. Lent, Brown and friends Brytney
Gillingham, 21, Jeramy Brumley, 26, and John Plemmons, 23, had been drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, consuming Oxycontin and using Fentanyl pain-relief patches, all leading up to Lent’s death.

Gillingham and Lent’s roommate Michelle Jones, 38, who was taking a nap at the time, was informed by other residents that Gillingham and Lent were unconscious. Jones called for help and performed CPR on Lent. When help arrived, the two were taken to Willamette Valley Medical Center. Gillingham was revived, but Lent could not be resuscitated.

Brown, Brumley and Plemmons fled the scene before authorities arrived. Brown was facing drug charges when he committed suicide.


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