Students learn meditation to combat stress

In light of upcoming finals, students were informed about different ways to reduce stress in a workshop on May 12 in Jonasson Hall.

Meditation in Oregon, a Mahasiddha Kadampa Buddhist Center organization in Portland, hosted the event. Kadam Heather Rocklin taught the class. Student Talent Coordinator junior Linh Tang hosted the workshop for students because she believes meditation techniques help students reduce stress levels.

“I’ve been hearing a lot about how meditation can help people relieve stress,” Tang said. “I hope students can pick up techniques.”

In the workshop, Rocklin guided students through meditation techniques, which included visualizing the world outside the walls melting into an “ocean of peaceful golden light.” The second meditation technique focused on breathing. Rocklin said when we inhale, we notice a cool sensation, whereas when we exhale, we notice a warm sensation. Rocklin had her students think of all their stresses piled into a “black cloud of polluted smoke” and become like dragons to exhale all the troubles.

After taking her students through 30 minutes of meditation techniques, Rocklin briefly discussed reasons to meditate.

Rocklin also discussed society’s misplaced focus on material objects. She claimed we are not happy because we need these things and it becomes a struggle. Rocklin said in her short teaching that “happiness is a state of mind and happiness comes from inner peace,” thus, in order to be happy, we must make our mind peaceful.

Rocklin added that the more we indulge, the more we suffer. She gave the example that if we eat two slices of pizza, then we are happy. However, if we eat five or more, we suffer because the pizza loses its excitement. She said that meditation is having the mind be in touch with reality.

Although only three students attended the workshop, sophomore Emily Jenkins found the event helpful.

“I thought it was really interesting to relax your mind-even though it was hard, I was happy I could do that a little bit,” Jenkins said.

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