Seniors need more time to move out, make memories

The end of the school year is always busy and stressful for students. There are finals to worry about, papers to write, senior theses to submit and final projects to complete. And, of course, there is also having to move out on time. For underclassmen, moving out is a pain, but for seniors, it can be just as stressful as finals.

This year, the Reading Day date change altered the finals schedule, and seniors only have a brief window of time to move out. In addition to the long list of activities occurring in the next two weeks, including Wildstock and the Linfield Bar Crawl, finals are May 23-26, the Baccalaureate Service and Grad Finale/Senior Celebration are on May 28 and graduation is on May 29. Students are expected to be moved out by noon the following day of graduation.
In addition, family and friends of the graduates come to visit and might want to spend time with them to celebrate. Many seniors are stressing out about the time crunch.

Seniors who live in campus apartments have a lot to pack. During their years at Linfield, seniors accumulate a plethora of things, from furniture to food to clothing. Students living in the area have the luxury of taking multiple trips to transport their belongings. Out-of-state students are not so lucky.

There is also excess anxiety for seniors who do not know where they will be living after graduation. Students who choose not to live at home are forced to find summer living arrangements, quickly. Being stuck with boxes of stuff and nowhere to put them presents a challenge.

The Review believes the time period for moving out should be extended to June 1. The extra time would allow students not only to pack, but to say goodbye to college friends and professors.

However, there are some ways to lessen the stress of moving out. Seniors can prioritize their time by beginning to pack their belongings in advance. But understandably for some seniors, good organization is not enough to overcome the frustrations of moving out.

Students who truly need more time to pack up and to move out can contact Area Director Joni Tonn at or Associate Dean of Students/Director of Resident Life Jeff McKay at to ask for an extension.

-The Review Editorial Board


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