Senior offers final farewell to Linfield

This is my final opinion. I repeat, this is my final opinion. But before I go into a peace-on-Earth conversation, I want to thank you.

My thanks go to you if you’ve read anything I’ve ever written — even if it was just one story or opinion, if you complimented me on an article I wrote, agreed with my position or just got a kick out of my point of view and sense of humor.

My thanks go to you if you’ve ever listened to my show on KSLC, or if you’ve text messaged me while I was live on the air with words of encouragement.

I bid a special, heartfelt thank you Tiffany Helton, Sharon Sweeney and Kelly Bowe, who literally helped me stay in college as a result of their problem solving, efficiency and concern. Thanks to all of you for putting up with me and my Pandora’s-box-full of problems, too.

To the “Bookstore Ladies,” you were the first people I met at Linfield. You became my substitute moms shortly after that. Thank you for your advice and friendship. It will always be a part of my first memories.

To the groundskeepers of Linfield College, I will always hold you in high respect, even if the hard work you do is taken for granted. Becky Knutz and Carol Gallagher, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you two. Becky, I’ll always remember your beautiful garden and your annual get-togethers. Carol, I’m proud to say I know “that buff lady” whose section of the campus includes the Oak Grove.

To President Thomas Hellie, Thanksgiving dinner at your house that year is on my highlight reel of Linfield memories. It has always been nice to know that if I needed to, I could have your listening ear.

And now, for the conversation I promised. I put it in list form so you don’t have to follow along. The list is inspired by behaviors and personalities I have seen on campus, and are suggestions in response to said behaviors. These are not rules to live by, just my observations.

• Don’t be afraid to be great. No, absolutely brilliant. Make your mark; no one can do it for you.

• Be a genuine person and a friend. Balance your give and take.

• Talk about things; ask for help when you need it. Make a plan (even if you don’t stick to it).

• Be resourceful. I think that’s simple enough. Learning how you can help yourself is important. We all have to troubleshoot.

• Be clear in what you say and deliberate in what you do. Express your thoughts and assumptions as opinions not stated facts.

• Learn not to be afraid of having a bad idea, better yet, don’t judge your ideas too harshly; let them fly.

• It’s terrific to be great at many things. Just make sure you’re magnificent at at least one thing. That way, you have something of worth to offer someone else when you begin to realize the benefits of bartering with the people in your life that you love and trust.

• Begin to realize the benefits of bartering with the people in your life that you love and trust.

Linfield was a different place with a different feel when I was a freshman. That was almost four years ago, and I have watched the people and values evolve. Now it’s your turn.

Septembre Russell/Copy chief
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